Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visions of Empire

*Visions of Empire*
Shout down the loud voices of disdain
Ride forward in fair weather or in rain
The world's environment you cannot control
Your own perception and moods is yours to mould
Beyond the Serpentine's silver snaking reaches
Beyond the gold grained Cornwall beaches
In the mountains where rivers are born
And men of old chased sheep to be shorn
Where spears against mountain peaks are dwarfed
And men and snow are easy bought
Beyond refinements of civilisation soft
In the realms of Hindu Kush you find me
Battling the elements and tribesmen
Opening the way for commerce and education
Bringing forward flag of King and Country
Claiming all for those still safe at home
And if my adventuring should ever cease
Or I am struck down with cruel disease
I know others will follow my lead
And for empire fight and bleed
Or else why does our nation call itself great
If unwilling to challenge life and battle fate.

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