Monday, March 28, 2011

Seed to reality

*seed to reality*
Stretch consciousness to extremes
Escape reality into world of dreams
Plant through the unconscious
Seeds of what dreams could be
If brought to fulfilment in reality
Brush back the dust of doubt
Rail against storms of objections
Set the seeds in fertile thought
And watch the dream become unlikely
And from there shift to maybe
Leap the hurdles and through hoops dive
Sweat the blood to keep dream alive
And from maybe elevate to possibility
Onto the possible shores of achievability
Lacking all but grit and dreams
Climb the bars of potential goals
Take likelihood a step further each day
Until it is reality of success you see
The dream is fixed and solid
For all to see and judge
And then is time to dream anew
Set a new vision precious to reach for
A new dream into reality create for all to view.

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