Friday, March 25, 2011


* admiring *
I can't architect your buildings
In manner they have been architected
With swooping roof-lines and proportions graceful
My eye can only admire such

I cannot draw you a sketch
Of pencil and pen lines fine
Which upon the viewing springs to life
Captures moment in art sublime
My eye can only admire such

I can't chisel sculpt or carve
In manner of artisans great of old
Anatomically correct and graceful
Opposed to gravity with sweet lines
Which draw the eye and make you admire
Beauty of form released from stone or wood
My eye can only admire such

And then it comes to seeing you
A living breathing celestial beauty
Whose lines are full and curved and true
Whose warmth extrudes across any room
Whose lush soft lips burn and make my heart race
Who cannot fail to move with grace
Sweet of soul and kind of heart
Most of all feel passion deep within
Which stirs you when we begin
To express ourselves and aspire
To be as beautiful in love
As the beauty we admire.

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