Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cyrano Tweets

* Cyrano Tweets*
Cyrano De Bergerac
He of prominent hooter
And flashing blade and wit
What would he now tweet to his divine Roxanne
Would he find confidence in electronic anonymity
To express his heart's undiluted thoughts
Follow at RapierWit@Gascogne
Or would he still stumble
Believe his visage so confronting and humble
Be still unable to tweet to Roxanne sweet
For fear she would demand
A photo from he who charms
And as every mobile has a camera
Every laptop and every digital device
What excuses would he invent
To this image delivery to circumvent
Perhaps a mask or shots which cover
His enormous nose from his lover
Shots taken when it is to dark or light
His shadow with other shadows merged
So his nose outline does not fright
Perhaps Cyrano be a wiz at photoshop
And so his offensive nose could lop
Replace with a neater carrier of snot
A tight trim beak not this Concorde front
But how could Cyrano ever meet her without causing affront
When his nose photos lies are in place
Lies as obvious as nose upon his face
And Roxanne in reality probably would confuse
Her Cyrano for another of more graceful face
A perfect specimen of Gascogne manhood
Recently arrived in town and unbetrothed
Unsuited to words or civilised places
Yet who finds self in Roxanne's good graces
And calling he upon Cyrano
To deliver the words which flow
And Cyrano never been a braver man
Agrees to this cowardly plan
So at last Roxanne might read his tweets
As he expresses all he dreams in sleep
Discovers his words have gained her heart
But another plays the lover's part
And in this world so image conscious
Is it really likely Roxanne would ever Cyrano desire
For his facebook profile needs two pages
So profusely does his nose escape screen cages
And when he has no hands or feet
With his nose can peck away to tweet
140 characters in a minute flat
Few fingers could ever beat that
Cyrano and his tweets
Soul crushed and heart of love so meek
This roaring witty tweeting tyrant
Swordsman without equal
Laid low by Cupid's arrows
And Roxanne's beauty without compare.

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