Monday, March 28, 2011

Heard the new

---just heard the news---

I heard the news, it chilled my heart
Another story of, another marriage falling apart
Hadn't thought it likely, another seismic shifting through
All the relationships I know, seems I never really knew
How would we, set our sails if we fell
Is our relationship for sale, and for what would we sell
I can't believe my ears are hearing
These words both of you must have been fearing
A final step and out the door
Broken crockery and dreams on kitchen floor
The times we had, now consigned to history
Hope you both can rebuild, escape this present misery

I heard the news, it chilled my heart
I don't know what to say, don't know with whom to start
Villains all and innocent, no charges can be brought
The ease of mind you once held, has degenerated into suffering thought
I would hold a light to guide, tell you how to make the best of
But I have no idea, as my patronising thoughts would make clear
This is a puzzle, must work through yourself
To reintroduce self to society, or sit safely on a shelf
The heart can be bruised, for all its strength is no rock
At its most vulnerable, can quake at every tiny aftershock
I heard the news, it chilled my heart
When I heard it straight, that you two would part.

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