Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freed for what

*+Freed for what+*
With toyota pick ups mounted with machine guns
And foolhardy courage and looted rifles
This ragtag freedom army fights
What they see will come to exist after
I have no way of knowing
I think now they fight to avoid the slaughter
Which would result if Gaddafi rules on
They fight for the benefit of
Their children who could at anytime be stopped
Declared an enemy of the state
And then be locked away and forgotten
For dictators need no legality
Beyond that which their army can see
And often find dictators are surrounded
By the bullyboy enforcers proud
Of how they can flout any law
Lock up your children and steal your food
Take your wife and bury you in unmarked grave
I fear what these East Libyans may find
When civil war concluded and comes the time
To decide the rhythm law and rhyme
Of new Libya freed and proud
Democracy is a capricious whore
Serves whoever wants it more
And if unwilling to fight for it
Or hold it to closely in rigid claws
Will pale and sigh and cease to be
Instead a dictatorship at first aspirational
A perfect religious state
Or though old hat a people's state
Ruled by the people with all wealth equal
Gradually though there are those
Who wish to offer devotion to another God
Or desire to make more money than the other sod
And so it starts again
The division between those who rule
And those who are oppressed
Turns out those aspirational states
Know once power given shall not be shared
And the rules grow stronger and prison lists longer
Until is not longer till many wonder
Why they swapped one dictator for another?

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