Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real heroics teach

*real heroics teach*
In the school rooms of the nation
Is this constant abomination
The reading of works fantastic
Be no help in economy elastic
These students heads are filled
With things never lived never killed
We teach them imaginary wonder
When real life they should ponder
Understand the value of employment
In making your first million such enjoyment
In providing for society's needs
A sense of satisfaction which feeds
All your encounters with comrades proud
Who exult your successes out loud
The world acknowledges all you have done
Engineer lawyer carpenter or humdrum
Provided duty and service sterling
Such a better way to make a living
Than playing games and slacking off
Being an adolescent of stunted growth
When so much more to set forth
A world to explore not realms of fantasy
Loyalty to community not whimsy
This is where education should lead
To address this real world need
Be a hero building and curing
Be an adventurer enduring
All the world can cast at you in spite
Your achievements let them write
In legend your life immortalise
And make friendship and love your greatest prize.

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