Friday, August 12, 2011

What I like

** what I llike **
What fashion what style which cut
I just know what I like
Online or offline
Through browser ot at bricks and mortar
The fabric the drop the line
I consider and decide
If I should make the garment mine
Expense a consideration for finances tight
Yet always willing to spend if it is just right
Leather or cotton or wool blend or suede
Which ever I feel I should have
And sales cannot evade
A rabbit in the headlights
Of oncoming discounted perfection
A shortage of stock so no time for reflection
Just use the credit provisioned
For perfect garment envisioned
By using it perpetually
Will ensure the profit eventually
Of this fashion item bought
This perfect item which was sought
I just know what I like
Hope I can deal with bills when they strike.

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