Tuesday, August 23, 2011


-+* kiss *+-
Lips and teeth and tongue
Together are a kiss's sum
And yet they are but engineering
Even in most supple manifestation
A kiss is more than this sum
It is heat and ardour rising
Entertainment found and shared
The intimacy of closest sharing
The daring to publicly display
Champagne bubbles in your blood
Firebrand across your lips
A key which unlocks a heart
Starts the body in passion rising
Sets all thoughts to desire flowering
Can slide and glide and rise
With no other touch at all
Simple kiss can halt you dead
Just lips and teeth and tongue
Ruminate upon your neck
Set shivers deep into your core
Flush you with blushing heat
Leave you breathless wanting more
A kiss is always greater ever than
The sum of parts brought together
Is Christmas bells and mistletoe
Is first person who your kissing know
Escapes totality of Time and Space
Gives most awkward a touch of grace
Is shy and brazen and raw and chaste
Is morning blessing and sinner late
Is the paradise lost refound
Common and most sacred ground
Is every molecule aligned in you and me
In kissing find heart set free.

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