Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cannot hear his voice

** cannot hear his voice **
All the papal bulls declare
Do this not that and not here
Deny the ability to include
A diversity of life opinion
Not about spiritual salvation
Not about prayers to God's ear
Is about the earthly kingdom
Trying keep majority on side
Crushing all dissent
Showing no love only hate
Moving on beyond retaining own morality
To others morality dictate
Live this way not that
Do this never that
Beyond general social laws
Begin to segregate and section
Introduce a thousand minor infarctions
Based on bias prejudice and hate
As Jesus who founded Church never did
He just demanded faith
And so sinners to his side flocked
The sheep for his shepherds to lead
Seems the men who now lead
Cannot hear his voice in his actions
Of accepting outcasts of society
Instead they seek to vilify
Demand a purity unsound
On which to Church raise
And so the rock upon which
The church is raised
Has become hard and forgiving
A list of rules against minorities raised.

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