Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accepting change

* accepting change *
Dealing with the marching morons
I am sure someone once called them
Not an expression uneasily reached for
Though not a case of mental illness
Or indeed as moron implies low IQ
It is about simple stupidity
By those who cannot understand
The simple dynamic of change
Who take it into their closed minds
To obstruct every change review
If this task was truly done this way
Since Homer was a child
And by that I do mean the ancient Greek
Not some animated fantasy gone wild
Probably means the process has benefit
And those positives should be drawn out
But for transport Homer used his feet
And carts were all the rage
Ships were pulled by men at oars
Or pushed by fickle wind
And even in Homer's time
They didn't always get it right
And in the intervening centuries
Always a possibility complications introduced
So step back and let us see
Give us free access to your understanding
For aim of this change is to make
The work you do less arduous
Perhaps remove the task completely
Then you will need to find
Some other chore to do
But there is always work available
For quick mind and helping hands
And you cannot expect the world
To stand still just for you
Spinning round the Sun it never has
And if it did we would all be doomed.

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