Tuesday, August 2, 2011


** shrill **
I find the words too far from hand
To express where I stand
On enigma of you and me
If we should be together better
Or unbound be better free
The lactic acid in my thoughts
Related to relationship run long
Such a bitter taste in my gut
As if all was bile and distasteful
And how taut by stress are muscles
Boards of wood of flesh and sinew
Turned tighter until
I am less a man and more a shrill
Scream which batters nerves
A long drawn out shriek of pain
The sound of an animal being beaten
Or caught in a trap from which no escape
The stainless steel teeth have closed
Shattered bone and bitten deep
This is the long drawn out shriek
Of an animal dying by degrees
No escape and no succour
No understanding of why such grief
Surely darkest oblivion be relief
Rather than this tortured existence
And why the need to struggle
Mortal wounds have been inflicted
Course chosen even if not acknowledged
The trap is tight and will endure
To hold in place this relationship
Till it does completely and irrevocably fail.

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