Tuesday, August 2, 2011

+ of immortal failure +

+ of immortal failure +
The shy the quiet the unimpressed
Scholars lured by myth's folly
There is not a reason set
For why education equal wisdom get
The knaves are fools of old
And fools of present are knaves for sure
All the gaining in surfeit
Gains you nothing if all complete
A greed which eats beyond appetite
A war with too many dead
These are the victories pyrrhic
In winning lose all
A victor consuming ashes
Each victory closer to an end
Such pointless finality
The laws of success cannot bend
To continue infinitely
Requires you start anew
The contradiction of growth immortal
Needs fresh birth regularly
Or else cessation of life occurs
Immortality without change
Is death with a moving view
And can we learn for infinity
Or do we learn and lose
Patchwork quilt of things done
All with which you remain
Fighting Time to be immortal
To gain the world and lose a life
Become out of time and out of place
Freak of nature inside a never aging face.

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