Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cultural norm

** cultural norm **
In our anglo saxon superiority
Patronising West European attitudes
Given to less grief giving
On marrying outside our own culture
Do we consider ourselves pinnacle
Of what is and could be
And so do not have tendency to
Only marry within our own culture
It is of ourselves we consider
Not from where or how other looks
We are ready to accept
Those other cultural attitudes
Comfortable that if we did desire
Our own culture surrounds
We can step out for a moment
For this home culture of our own
But as we wash and breakdown
The culture in which we were born
Allow other cultures to gain footing
The social norm becomes varied
Culture we once knew alters
Taking pieces from other worlds
Different faces stare up at us
Some of those are our kith and kin
So are we still the norm
Or strangers in a land transformed?

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