Thursday, August 4, 2011

And you stand for

** and you stand for **
The darkness or the light
The directions we can turn
Moralities on display
Is our heart generous
Or shrivelled like a pit
Do we embrace life gladly
Or always say life is shit
Do we love our neighbour
Or scorn their every word
Are we pleasant folks to know
Or bigots racists lairs
Who people try to ignore
Are we one or the other
The bad or good divide
And how do we see ourselves
And to ourselves have we lied
So many channels we can choose
Never simply black or white
The fine print there for all to read
Most of everything in plain sight
Which are you on road of life
Good Samaritan looking out for others
Or scurrying by with gaze averted
One extreme or the other
Or more likely you are neither
Rather a bit of that and this
Not racist nor welcoming
A person of mongrel morality
Who sometimes does their bit
Other sometimes you go missing
By your absence conspicuous
A weathervane in the wind
Turning with each change in direction
Of your own society's stumbling morality.

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