Monday, August 22, 2011


** advertising **
If talking heads on Gruen
Were taken at their words
Be known we lead such hollow lives
Require the clothing of consumerism
Our thoughts otherwise flow uneven
As dew down a trade marked shape Coca-Cola bottle
Culverts of marketing give texture
To the saddest emotions of our souls
The garish colours and exclamations
As much excitement as we can hold
Enough to catch our interest
Not overwhelm with movement and statement
Dilute conflict between presentation and message
Allow easiest least resistant passage
To the message of purchase
Give us hope this purchase will
Overcome all hardships and emptiness
Or the fear without
Our life as empty as our wallets become
In the world of merchandise
Of buy and sell and redundancy
Where everything is for sale
And we will make you want to buy.

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