Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last redoubt

** last redoubt **
These undignified wanderings
Tired squanderings of time
I has not known such doubt
Since before I existed
The sounds of cannon fire
A haze of smoke
This battlefield of life obscured
Beaten back and bereft of hope
There seems one redoubt standing
Into which I have retreated
A place where supplies are scarce
A threat of famine draws ever closer
Smiles are rationed and laughter gone
All joy and wonder has depleted
And yet we struggle on
Each new crisis adds to those before
Reopening scars deep once more
And as these wounds leak
The healing is ever slower
And weaker I constant grow
The examples of strength of will
Become tattered faded memories
I exist and move by instinct
No purpose behind my thoughts
No reason to inspire
Mindlessly I exist
Simply to allow torture longer
To cut myself deeper to the quick
Carve out a passable penance
For sin of life committed
As in the living loving and doing
All faults I had manifested
Turned upon the owner savagely
As so blighted and chronically diseased
Count the dates off the calendar
Watch the days fall past
Wondering how long till the end
How much longer will this struggle last.

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