Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Safer choices

* safer choices *
If someone watching over shoulder
Viewing Greek myths a safer choice
In public places seen as civilised not depraved
About the better aspects of humanity
Wisdom learnt in fables
Always raise us to higher planes
As if were the God aspect
For to those Olympians ancient greeks gave
All those of our faults in spades
Made them darker and more ignorant
Prouder and more vindictive
Than any mortal foolish
And so quarrels were permanent
Not a drachma of sense they had
Falling for the easiest acts of subterfuge
Unable to exit from disagreements
Harmful to themselves
Always doing what they ought not
And being caught and being taught
Yet no lesson clung and soon Gods forgot
Every experience and failure raw
Or blamed a mortal for the cause
And so a blundering blindly cast
Of deities without much class
Sleeping with all in sight
Crossing boundaries of inter species
As a swan or with relatives close
Create a brood most unholy
Cyclops who against world rage
Or misplaced heroes and upstart slaves
Over love or lust or vanity
Start a war or cause calamity
These ill-mannered Gods of Greece
Of whom our civilised societies preach
Who in their doing show us wisdom
So more the fools as we spurn
These opportunities for our learning
Instead as those Gods of old
To our lesser virtues we best hold.

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