Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping from edge

* keeping from edge *
High water marks and low
These discernible questions I know
Echoes of what were and was
Stumbling explorers of because
Reinforcing the status quo
With acceptance of what you know
Never question the black text writ
Of how it is and ever shall
Authority is in this place
To keep balance and guidance
Keep society from the edge
Flatten freedoms and restrict tyranny
An act of delicate supervisory
And when one side or other triumphs
Questions asked and answers sought
How to bring the balance back
Before social fabric begin to tear
Before the balance so disrupted
All in fear and by fear positions constructed
A middle ground whittled to a sliver
To small for any side to satisfaction deliver
Then these streets of social order
Degenerate to anarchy and riot
The social arrangement up for negotiation
Not by ballot box and pen
Instead by shedding blood and using guns.

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