Friday, August 26, 2011

Mirror or vine

* * mirror or vine * *
When I see whom to admire
I wonder if a hall of mirrors
I seek the best within myself
And project this upon you
Or do I see my flaws resolved
In who you are and how you live
Is the mischief looking back
In my own eye beholden
Do I seek a partner same
A mirror unthinking with whom to mate
No challenge here or dispute
Our sameness make others idle
Each thought we have is in agreement
With every thought of the other
Or will it be of fire and ice
Where you are you and I am not nice
Our views retained have such polarity
My black it seems is your white
My left judged by you to be my right
On no single fact we reach accord
Build tumble twisted love in discord
A twine of Time and place holding us
Bound in relationships orbit stark
Neither can find escape from strange attraction
A pair of wayward darting quarks
Flitting between so many dimensions
To those outside we are a madness
And perhaps a sadness also shown
A prime example of how not to do
The act of relationship grown
As if a core of love was overgrown
By the act of living fierce
And yet the pillar still remains
True and straight deep within
Or has the pillar hidden gone
All which is left the growth malignant
Gripping honeysuckle vine on tree
And now the tree overwhelmed
Now the tree is dead.

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