Friday, August 12, 2011

Unequal war

** unequal war **
There is another war occurring
A silent war unreported
The insidious shifting of equality
Margin changing between the Have
And the trapped Have Nots
For all the goods electrical
Entertainment toys provided
Have Nots want access to society's levers
To feel they matter and control their lives
Are not disposable and forgotten
Are not objects of Have derision
Looking down on Have Nots
Picking at their weak education
Finding mirth in their crowded squalor
How Have Nots have to always queue
For every illness or prescription pill
And when budget matters rise
Haves cut Have Nots support
Leave them floundering in own muck
Seems the Haves have all the luck
An education bought solid
Access to the right people at right time
Set in stone the lead they hold
Passed back by others who before them strode
All the little edges privilege provides
To allow the Haves such better lives
And as they know only such
Cannot comprehend another life
Where merit must be fought for
And education is class war
Where parents worn down cannot attend to
The adventurous desires their children might do
As the Have Nots have so little to spare
After mortgage food utilities and car
Exhausted from uneven pursuit of what
Haves have always had and got
That little extra to soften the path
Avoidance of the government's wrath
This divided kingdom of have or not
As inequality grows how long has it got?

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