Tuesday, August 16, 2011


* Tramp *
In a colour banner high
Set the rainbow of life cross sky
The easy demeanour of a tramp
No cares at all except where to get
Another fag or another drink
Any doorway for shelter do
No great company due to the smell
Which tramp does not smell as well
Been so long in this state
No other form could contemplate
Smile is one meant to ingratiate
The tramp with all they meet
Just makes commuters step back
And offer feebly some coin to placate
This image of where life could turn
Due to bad luck or tragic personal fate
To step off from the straight and narrow
Fall between the cracks of stability and security
Become a blip below social net
All your life gone to hell
Become a tramp with a smell
All life attention centred on next cigarette.

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