Monday, August 8, 2011

** move to null **

---- move to null -----
Often find the drifting thoughts
In morass of woe
I am just here and no further found
The day is cold and thoughts slow
A morbid dance in amber make
Is this how life feels
Half warmed up and served to fate
There is an impeding sense of doom
Of a world without room
Our better sides battered down
Our optimism set on hold
The stars to whom we reached
Unattainable to us seem
Those who shall reach them now
Not in course of endeavours scientific
Instead for matters mercantile
And any benefits which accrue
Shall fill the profits of privileged few
And on my back carry this cross
A mortgage and debts
This constant cost
Would see if tomorrow could bring
A better place and better dream
Instead I slip to fall beside
The edge of this roadside
And none who see have time to stop
Seems compassion now fixed by the clock
So much in distress found
An ending cannot be sought
No continuation by other means
The darkness of completion
Termination of this line
The resolution of life
Is only total death and total null of anything.

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