Wednesday, August 10, 2011


** Mob **
These whistling screams and shrieks
Darkness surrounds and completes
Flickering madness this way comes
In the guise of mobs and guns
Civil order temporarily dissolved
Forces of the Law are broken
There are none here normal
Each is only prey or predator
This is the mob in all its shades
A shifting lusting intemperate mass
No gentle form or patience has
To stop is to dissolve
To create add anarchy and loss
Loss of respect or ownership
A loss of commonsense
This is not revolution planned
From such chaos comes not freedom
Instead comes the brutal man
The warlord or dictator
Who can face the mob and channel
All resentment and chaotic power
Into a spectre for his own hands
Then bring order harsh
Sharp and brutal and obscene
And before the mob realise
What was past was dream
And now in nightmare they are stuck fast.

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