Monday, May 23, 2011

We are?

** We are! **
The mind is apt to wander
Perchance to consider and wonder
On this realm of reality
On the way our perceptions see
If we see and understand as others do
Or is this music just for us
Vision seen ourselves alone
Rubbing consciousness against others
Falling lost weekends of pleasure
Ever really existed or merely ghosts
Of neural receptors defrauded
By some greater consciousness
Outside ourselves and beyond
All those organised religions cannot be wrong
The faiths of millions not easily put aside
As we consider who we are and what
Can we even agree on where
Before we define our appearance
Do we reflect and appear as our thoughts
Would have us protrayed
Projected to all a depiction
Of our inner health and outer visage
For if each thought completes the loop
Providing recognition of reality
Which thoughts demand
And if we fall so far to hit
A solid object to break our physicality
The last gasp desperate elicted
Is the mind confirming that
We no longer have existence.

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