Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Other

** The Other **
Did you ever encounter your self
Some other person so irritating
In beliefs and actions and habits
So alike as your own to be
More than triflingly annoying
A complete toxic pill of irritability
In this other you
Against self harshly grinding
Tectonic plates building pressure
Alike in material as one flow over and other under
Bringing forth such catastrophe
When first you met yourself
Saw as if another brother
This essence of who you are
Staring over and did dismiss
For in your narrative as in Greek
There can be only one hero
With all your strengths and flaws
To see such hubris flaunted
As if fate had no place or chance
Could lead you to complete dismay
And heroes never can be that way
Must shrug shoulders and hold
The world and sky apart
Allow all mortals to look upon you
Wonder blossoming in their hearts
At this single story triumphant
Of you uniquely constructed
Little wonder in such a meeting
We disdain to hold firm a greeting
Instead depart as swiftly as allowed
For this other self proclaims itself to proud.

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