Sunday, May 15, 2011

Returning colour

* returning colour *
I am looking at the building here
Minor square blocked monoliths
Modern descendants of Stonehenge
Eight to ten stories high
Grey buildings under a troubled grey sky
Even the bright glass reflecting clouds
Soft refIections become a flat glare of grey
As if in middle of turbulent Atlantic storm
Far from colour of trees and earth
As wind whips rain sideways
Down city canyoned streets
Wonder why we have not demanded
Warm colours bright on building sides
Not angry sullen granite greys
Instead sunset orange bright
Or columns of red and yellow
Perhaps dip whole building in green
Or wash concrete with sky blue
Just return colour to our world
So when Winter sets its tones
We can reject its chilling ways
Stare at the walls of buildings sunny
And know better seasons are always on the way.

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