Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Start of all Tomorrows

**- Start of all Tomorrows -**
Erase my sins with lavendar
Perfume on your throat
The burn of your kisses hitting
Every wrong I did of note
Expiry date is today
For every bad habit I possess
I lose my sense of madness
Crazy is put away
When it comes to dealing with other humans
You make me my very best

Erase my wrong-doings
Through carnality of your touch
Breath my soul back to life
Dim the squeal of my strife
This trap in which I am held
Bend the bars of prison
Let me unfurl spirit's wings
Today is start of all Tomorrows
Binding warmth inside our embrace
Strength of tides in this love
Unexpected and totally requited
Absolution was never going to be found
In any other form in any other way.

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