Friday, May 27, 2011

Deeper beauty

** deeper beauty **
Track the lines appearing
Time's stencil on your face
The different planes revealed
On your visage I would trace
These changes Time has wrought
How you think you look less
Than the beauty you were before
More accepting of this face
Into which you have grown
Yet still believing grown less beautiful
As on Time's river borne
These lines you would dismiss
Give character and depth
Can see the times you laughed
When and how you loved with regret
Your face gives indication
Of fire in your heart
The loving of which you are capable
A deeper truer beauty rising
Not a birthday present unopened
Whose value you cannot judge
Nor a shiny car which will never be the same
Once taken out and driven
Your face speaks of years ahead
Dependable firm and passion deep
Which will fill every meandering curve
Of this time of existence we call life
And with so much of you brimming
Almost over full with life
Is it any wonder you look well worthy of kissing
Of admiration and desire
Of sending Greek ships sailing
In pursuit of you to Troy
And when the Spring flowers have faded
Ink of love letters disappeared
You will inevitably be more lovely
Than this day I first saw you here.

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