Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deeper silence sustained

++ Deeper silence sustained ++
There is the silence of
An empty theatre in this house
Deserted and cavernous
Every word seems over-loud
When escapes your mouth
Each footstep rebounds in sound
Off wall or roof or door
We try and whisper yet still it seems
As if we are shouting in the dark
Stage whispers these seem to be
And what audience might hear
Within this house so silent
Can hear every floorboard squeak
Within this house so quiet
Listen to a somewhere dripping leak
We snuggle closer and merely emphasises
A darkness growing absolute
In dark universe we spin
Reaching out and holding tight
To only one within our reach
Our breathing is a hurricane
A howling dervish wind
Each movement beneath the sheets
A strip of thunder to our ears
Within this house so quiet
Seems whole world escaped
Everyone has gone to bed
All the cars are stopped
Television and radio terminated
Not a single noise intrudes
Makes us become so loud
Compared to heavy depth of silence
Clinging tightly to the ground
For there is silence of an empty theatre
Inside the innards of this house
Seeps out when we lie silently
As corpses beneath a shroud
Outside nothing moves
Within all sound magnified
The cooling tin roof shrieks
A burp of water through the pipes
Brushing branch against a window
Our breathing loud as shouting
Yours has grown soporifically rhythmic
As into sleep you have slipped
Leaving me here lying awake
Surrounded by densest darkest night
Every creak and sigh of house
Every sound assaults my ears
As I wait for something to move
The footstep which should not exist
An added breath to our chorus
Swimming in the ancient fears
Though I know all doors are locked
Windows latched and house secure
There is the silence of
An empty theatre in this house
Little wonder I expect at any moment
Some deep dark drama to break out.

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