Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This metric heart

** this metric heart **
Set forth in imperial measurements
The tidings of love
Bring to bear empericial evidence
Of what love gained and what lost
Consider in constant measurement
That what cannot be measured
Does not formally exist
And then take callipers to your love
A set of atomic scales
To measure gravitational differences
In the love you bear
Have you surfeit or loss
Love flowing in or draining away
Do the journals of love kept
Those bound tomes in columns deep
Of love credit in and love debit out
Balance successfully so you have
An income of love sufficient
For you to comfortably live your life
And if it does appear in measuring
You are taking more than receiving
How long till capital sum is depleted
No longer earning love's interest
Instead you are left scrambling
For a scrap of love or two
Descend into desperation
And desperate measures take
Turn life of seeking love inside out
Of love and life a hell make
At which point love bankrupt declared
Time then to start again
Begin by loving yourself
Practice parsimony in your loving
Yet neither a miser or spendthrift be
In how your love you spread
And if this you can do with a joyous heart
Then the bad times of loss of love
Shall become memories of past
And in its place a new you found
Unburdened by search for love
With love's capital ample for your needs
And by all measures known
Between blue sky and deepest sea
You will be loved and loving in return
Have found love equal to your needs.

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