Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Of the once was magic and fire

*Of the once was magic and fire*
Young troubled bumbling love
Is there any more desirable type
Having not yet learned your own faults
Or defined what most perfectly you seek
Just full of yearning needing requiting
And found another near the same
Not recognising the signals
An inexperienced driver of romance
Stumbling from one clumsy moment to the next
And discovering magic and fire
(These same sparks Prometheus brought to Earth)
Against this other body
Lips which sear your dreams
Seems no limit to your wantings
No finite boundaries to your feelings
All world is in league
To every peak of joy and every trough of despair
Adolescently fumbling for a Holy Grail
And all life will be spent
Trying to recapture this feeling
And the more you learn as you seek
Into distance recedes who you were
The person who could find it is gone
So you can only watch as
Another generation bumbles onward
Not realising ephemeral treasures
Traded in exchange for knowledge
Of the value and substance of what was sold.

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