Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Modern conversation

* Modern Conversation *
Tangled floss of modern life
SMS and text and Tweet
Communications electronic sweep
Every nugget of gossip
Every piece of information
Caught between your teeth
Released unleashed to satisfy
Exhibitionist in us all
The voyeuristic who call
The nosy and over interested
In deeds which do not concern them
In lives usually shut from view
And we click and type and press
Our thoughts out onto the Net
Vivacious pleasure to strangers give
As well as glimpses of how we live
What we think and who we love or hate
The things we do to our itches sate
How we perceive around us deep
Or if our thoughts in fog of sleep
The bright the poor the wit and fool
All have access to electronic tools
Able to converse with a wider world
Than ever could before and be heard
Though we care not for mumblings distant
Want to hear from those
Whose hearts are closer to our own
Who we would love and respect
Or at least receive from them
A shot of firm rich breasts.

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