Thursday, May 19, 2011

Floss in head

***** floss in head *****
Gather all this floss from my head
Fuzziness of thoughts
The cut off strings of conversation
Bouts of imagination dead
All the clutter and refuse
Of a mind being overbusy
Creating problems for itself
Trying to change the realities
Which neither God nor man may alter
Immutable laws I would challenge
Of the gene or atom or gravity
To know the human heart inscrutable
But my mind is mired deep
Brown sucking mud draws me down
Upon my head there is no crown
On visage worn instead a frown
As all my thoughts are floss tangled
Millstream foam light and intangible
Froth and bubbles to be blown aside
If ever gales of life arrive
Then beneath this floss I shall find
How finely tuned is my mind
Until then these thoughts grind
Though this floss gathered to my head
I suspect this brain needs proper rest
Another sleep deep in bed
To remove this floss I dread.

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