Monday, May 2, 2011

* a Victorian Age measure

* a Victorian Age measure
Let the measure of a man's worth
Not be his bank account or properties
Instead let all men's wealth be measured by
Those he calls friend and who in return are glad to greet him
For all gold is cold and titles do not warm
If your respect is only gathered so
By acknowledgement from those in your debt
Or slavish devotion of those who would wish to be
Such respect is only worth your monetary value
Allow it to slip and those false friends shall yield as well
No more acknowledging any value
As you are become bereft of value you bring to them
You are as a whore who lures unsuspecting gentlemen
Into the clutches of her villianious associates
Discovering when her looks fade and charms decay
She is cast aside as no longer useful to their ventures
And none will offer her their trust
For so long has she practiced deception
Tally not your bank notes or bills of credit
Set no store by a grand cellar
Look through family name prominent
Find the man who inside resides
Peel aside all artifices of wealth
And find the character of who remains
Then call them friend if they so deserve
And perhaps in return they might offer greeting
In same heart and manner to yourself.

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