Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Earning the daily sum

* Earning the daily sum *
Daylight yellow finds me
Between two minds or three
As to how my workday might progress
Things I should do or say
Order of importance
Or personal actions to perform
This is my life for the living
And yet some earning first needs be done
Else my living be uncomfortable
Unsustained and no fun
No trust fund darling am I
No progeny with great expectations
Must scrape and bow and sweat
For money for my daily bread
And if only at bread life's expenses ended
Then this treadmill would run far slower
I have bills for water gas and electricity
A mortgage to repay
Three other mouths to feed
Rates and petrol and a list seemingly endless
And add to these those things I seek
To make my life better worth living
Perhaps a holiday somewhere nice
Take a few days or a week
These are why I turn my mind
To what must be done
Why I work and grind away
To earn my daily sum.

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