Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seawater salty

* seawater salty *
Seawater salty washes
Brine bitter reconnects
Times electric past
In gloom of cigarettes
A pallor grey in air
Tainted breathing didn't care
Such adult pursuits pursued
A sense of deja vu
In the heat of another
Dispell the lonely squalor
The often late night vigils
Nursing a flat drink
Longer than would think
Stretching evening hours
Until surprised by deepest night
Unattended the cold would bite
Leave us gasping grasping
At any illusionary hope
Wondering if a passing samaritan
Might recognise in our recklessness
The deep well of loneliness
Needing to be sealed
So bright this water of life
As brine bitter reconnects
To the sea water salty.

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