Monday, May 2, 2011

After the mellowing

++ after the mellowing ++
The days of lightning and thunder
Of rocket fuel in veins
Invincibility and only partial need for brains
Those days are passed now
And having surprisingly survived
Come out the other side of first life alive
A second more sedate adventure seek
Where physical capabilities are more discrete
And wisdom earned with a dash of rat cunning
Can bridge difficulties confronted
Rather than a brutal frontal assault
Unlikely to succeed but welcomed
By those adrenalin junkies in my head
I drift where before I raced
Choose where before gathered all with haste
Having consumed life's toadstools toxic
Seek the mushrooms more palatable
Is no Old Testament parable to say
Have chased and brayed as a wild donkey
This stallion is now more content
To seek the shelter and eat the hay
Appreciate Sun and wind and day
To take the rhythm of world and life
Live without tempest and without strife.

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