Monday, July 11, 2011


** words **
Of words for words upon words
These trickle down alphabets
Collections common and simple
Line them up in ranks poetic
Attempt at every turn quixotic
Slay a windmill with your pen
Find a subject on whom none offend
Be blessed by Popes and Dawkin's atheists
In equal measure conformity resist
Of words for words upon words
Die in conclusion of each line state
A metaphor for cherry blossom fate
Timeless and ephemeral as thought
These the lines your crafting wrought
No anvil hammer tongs or forge
No tools at all writer need to disgorge
The truth within or lies slippery
Conceits and loves and streets gritty
Every Moon a poet knows
On every kiss a poem flows
Of words for words upon words
The paper or the screen electronic
Is all communication supersonic
To leap from one mind to another
Words treat all as closest brother
Who can see images written down
Made as substantial as the ground
Upon which the reader standing
Discovers the writer's understanding
All of life in lettered groups we know
Explains past future to be and now
These fragile musings sketched
Found and cut and placed and fletched
Fired forward to roundel target board
Of words for words upon words.

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