Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This waning and waxing **

** This waning and waxing **
These days are all wax and wane
The days of new moon and fresh face fallen
Now is all inevitable decline and fog like despair
Now is a descendant from incandescent hope to grubby desperation
This is the life lead
Of actions cancelled and unfinished
Fresh motivation non-existent
Of enemies within the psyche conceding to those without
No draught of ambrosia can lift
No alcoholic beverage provide dutch courage
Principles appear as driftwood stuck in sand
Frail before the incoming Spring tide
Whatever we may have once predicted
Atlas on which we charted course
Has become completely worthless
We are beyond those cartographical edges
Our eyesight dulled desires not to see the future
For our experience can predict our course
As we wax and wane and decline more sharply
Grow bitter and uncaring and cold
Until our pulse ceases and at last our heart's are stilled.

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