Thursday, July 21, 2011

gone gone gone

** gone gone gone **
Searched out past the globe
Sky clouds rushing by
Taunted by love's regret
Surrounded by my own tears
The bedroom was a war zone
Kitchen no man's land
Now the war is over
And you are gone gone gone
The flowers need more water
Petals begin to fall
This is death they illustrate
How all will age and fade
Still I leave the machine on
Hoping for your call
Check email religiously
Every hour every day
This is the end of all dreams
My Ragarnok symphony
And the flowers give me a look
Now you know how it feels
To be cut from those closest
Wrapped and sold in joy
Only to discover dying continues
And no water in your vase
This is the end of days
Stormy weather darkens life
The complete unravelling
Of this neat ordered life
Searched out past the globe
Thinner and more weary grow
Sky clouds rushing by
An environment of why
Taunted by love's regret
Wish to call back words you can't forget
Surrounded by sea off my own tears
Partnered ever forward only with my fears.

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