Friday, July 22, 2011

Daydream navigation

*+* daydream navigation *+*
When I close my eyes and daydream
Escape strangers on a crowded train
What do I see in my musings
Pressed internally against eyelids closed
An image as if a wood cut
Caught between the light and dark
Has your features and your smile
And I smile to hear your laugh
Here there is no rushing
The time possessed is ours alone
To be spent in admiration of each other
Sharing our dreams and bad jokes
Reminiscing on what we did back when
Discussing all our daily chores
And all the future plans we have got
Those private secret ambitions
Shared with deepest closest friend
We talk until our throats grow dry
And wet them with fresh enthusiasm
Through kisses across a table shared
And warm press of leg to entwined leg
A physical representation
Of our mental state of mind
As we are two vines running and curling
Over one and then the other until
All our time is inseparable
And so when into day dreaming fall
Easily find where we are
Knowing you are never far
I just need to close my eyes
And there you always are.

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