Thursday, July 21, 2011


*+ best +*
Waiting for Godot
Inspiration to strike
A deity to take over
This chaos of life
Might as well be
Expecting train to be on time
Or find an empty taxi
In the rain at closing time
There are just some occurrences
We should expect
Will never occur
Not in reality set
So with parameters drawn
From experience cynical born
Discover it is up to ourselves alone
To plot and conquer life's pinnacle
We who alone are answerable
We who alone will be condemned
By our actions fanciful
Piratical benevolent or farcical
No other players upon our stage
Life cares not for your age
The cloak and the role are yours by birth
Remember your lines and try not to curse
When the romance becomes tragedy
Or comedy to an unexpected elegy
Your efforts unrewarded by audience
Life lived without adventure avoidance
In this life or that life best you can be
Is the one who uses this great gift most completely.

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