Monday, July 25, 2011

Redirect energies

**_ redirect energies _**
Who you love and who you want
And who they love and desire
Incompatible with dreams
Should be placed on hold
Energies redirected when realisation
If realisation were ever part of love
Is that change is unattainable
And thus the heart of one you loved
Remains inaccessible and unbound
To your own heart in its pining
If you could but step back
Place that heart down which loves not back
Might see the world a better place
Indulge yourself in life and discover
Another someone to be your lover
Whose heart is not sealed from you
Would show interest in your own
And two hearts might fumble far
Create a loving true and clear
From start of day till dusk
These two hearts together rusted
Forget the cold side of the moon
Which was love unrequited
Love never given chance to bloom.

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