Wednesday, July 20, 2011


** ignite * *
Your hair is a shade
Not natural in any spectrum
Smile from lips rich reserved
A certain sense of decorum
In style and dress quality
Eyes which sweep proprietary
You would claim life to you
In all its passion and sensuality
Feel heat of blood coursing through
This body lithe which is you
Sense rising feelings deep
Electric shocks which make you quiver
Down spine and up anticipatory shiver
To bind and hold and in words declare
Tangle fingers in flowing hair
Allow lips to meet and deeply share
Flicker of tongues with mingled breath
Fire and desire rising in your chest
Those pleasurable thoughts and reserved smiles
Now seem so out of style
As lusting pleasures breaks bonds
Tsunami of sensations roll over and upon
These moments drops of golden light
As you unreservedly ignite.

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