Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nemesis and love

** nemesis and love **
For everyone a nemesis
Postman uboat captain or brother
For every love a switch
From onward ever or to halt
The problem in real life often is
Knowing who is whom and their role
And realising you and nemesises change
With all the world in flux
Why should your hates and lust stay the same
You are as a star being acted upon
By dark matter conjectured but unseen
By mighty forces gravitational
And fused from gases
Or liquid or with a heavy core
You are a part of a universe
Changing moving constantly traversing
Between now and tomorrow
Pursued by all the yesterdays which ever was
Your own yesterdays lead this zombie pack
Then there are more without number
Each having set in motion actions
Which reverberate in your present
Set foundation for your future
And allocate the moments when
The switch is ever on or halt
And the switch is not once
Though with stubborn obstinacy might wish it so
For you are only one decider
In love there must be two
And each is chased by yesterdays vast
Must make decisions in rushing present
And work on this rocking rocket ship
Towards the future accepted wanted or fated.

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