Thursday, July 14, 2011

All the shades of fashionable black

** all the shades of fashionable black **
Who could ever think there would be
So many shades of black
To discover them all I suggest you see
The city of Melbourne's populace
As they crowd the paths and laneways
An ever flow streaming of black
And every shade there has ever been
Cut for skirts or coat or suit
Barefaced or hirsute the colour same
Material they wear upon their back
Without reservation must be black
Fashionable and hopefully slimming
Infected their entire living
So could not think to leave
House or home or city apartment
Without a garment in black grounded
And any other colour a lighthouse beaming
In this sea of black is gleaming
Scarlet red or orange burning bright
Show some colour in land of night
Where fashion sense and wardrobes set
On clothes each and every part
From suit to pants to black woollen scarf
Is set in the colour black
In Melbourne where Yarra brown lazy flows
Here the citizens know no other colour for city clothes.

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