Friday, April 8, 2011

Would prefer

* would prefer *
I want to embrace you
Explain the greatness of you
Speak of destiny to be fulfilled
Great things you will do
How you shine so bright
The most beautiful tree in a forest
How if fairy tales were still written
You would get the leading roles
And have to learn to avoid
old ladies peddling fruits with possibly poisonous traits
Explain how in my daughter
Blessed to have one so clever and fair
Full of grace and friendly
A jewel beyond compare
Then you step from the house
Looks like a nest in your hair
Shoes are unpolished and dress is dishevelled
I almost totally despair
Find myself critical as I don't seek
Ever to be critical of someone so sweet
Your room has been declared a war zone
Every surface covered in debris of life
Those socks lying there need a wash
And your jacket should be hanging
Not in a crumpled ball unbecoming
Seems your perfection doesn't extend
To tidying your room
I find my voice rising
And before I can catch self
I am telling you off
And all the time loving you
More completely and deeply
Than fullness of sea
Or distance to moon
Than sand grains on the beach
Or disorderliness of your room.

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