Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In your smile

*** In your smile ***

It is a deep gulp of fresh air
A long refreshing drink after a hot day's walk
So I find the draught of your smile
As readily as a mountain spring it rises
When I am close and you are nice
Adminishing any gloom of life
Putting all these concerns aside
Work or traffic jams or bills
As long as a roof above our heads
A bed in which to crawl
And your smile to remove doubt
Then the most squalid premises be a palace
And the work I must commit to
To bring you the life deserved
Is no chore instead a blessed task
And the weariness I wear
Shed when I can smell your hair
Draw you closer so our bodies
Nearer than next thought or breath
So I find my life easily lived
In the warmth of your smile.

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