Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For how long will angels watch

** for how long will angels watch **
Maybe there are angels
Which my non-believing eyes cannot see
Protecting even such non-believers as me
Ensuring laws of gravity prevail
We step out safely not catastrophically
Allow me to be born in right country
At the right boringly civil time
When food and accommodation are available
And I am right colour and right gender
The right height and right education
To align myself to social norms
How long can my angels dictate
That my faltering steps shall not fail
The watercourse of social life in which I swim
Is constant and at its peak
My learned morality and sensibilities
Age and physical abilities
Match those this place and time demand
When shall the inevitable decay take hold
When my grip is less firmer
My views and abilities less bold
And angels to a new generation turn
Finding them a better fit for the Time arrived
Directing the flux of events
To suit those new enthusiasts of life.

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